Sunday, March 12, 2017

Top 4 Carry Grant Movies

I have been watching Cary Grant Movies every since I was little. My mom loves these movies and always had them going in the background as she cooked, cleaned and did laundry. So naturally I fell in love with these old movies. Now I will break down the Top 4 Carry Grant Movies.
This movie is a thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The plot is about a mistaken  identity and government secrets.
2.  Houseboat
In this movie Tom Winters (Grant) and his three children have returned from Europe after his wife's death, moves into an houseboat and tries to repair and build his relationship with his children.
3. His Girl FridayHis Girl Friday
This movie is centered around the antics of Walter Burns (Grant) and Hildy Johnson (his ex wife) as she prepares to leave his newspaper to marry her new husband. This fast talking movie contains Murder, Suicide and Comedy, what more could one ask for.
This movie can only be describe in a few words without ruining the plot. These four simple words are Family Secrets, Murder, Wine and Theodore Roosevelt.

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